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Case Study: Building a 13-Week Cash Flow Forecast for Improved Cash Requirement Foresight 

A key client of DeMar Consulting Group, faced challenges with managing their cash flow effectively. They were struggling to forecast their cash requirements accurately, which led to a less-than-optimal financial planning process. The lack of clear foresight into cash needs led to inefficiencies in working capital management and limited their ability to make informed strategic decisions. 

DeMar Consulting Group’s Approach: Building a Comprehensive Cash Flow Forecast 

Recognizing the importance of robust cash management, DeMar Consulting Groupset out to design and implement a 13-week cash flow forecast and reporting process. Our team drew upon their deep financial expertise and understanding of the client’s business operations to tailor a solution specific to their needs. 

The 13-week time frame was selected intentionally. This period aligns with a fiscal quarter and allows for short-term planning while providing adequate lead time to mitigate potential cash flow issues. It strikes a balance, providing enough detail for proactive cash management without becoming excessively granular or cumbersome. 

DeMar Consulting Group first performed a thorough analysis of the company’s financial data, including income, expenses, capital expenditures, debt service, and other elements impacting cash flow. We then used these insights to create a dynamic cash flow model that captured all cash inflows and outflows. 

The model included various components of working capital like accounts receivable, accounts payable, and inventory. It also incorporated elements like payroll cycles and loan repayments to ensure a comprehensive view of cash flow. This level of detail allowed the client to anticipate cash needs more accurately and plan accordingly. 

Introducing a Regular Reporting Process 

Following the creation of the cash flow forecast, DeMar Consulting Groupintroduced a regular reporting process. Each week, the client’s finance team would input the latest data into the model, generating a revised 13-week cash flow forecast. This updated forecast would then be used for planning and decision-making purposes, allowing the client to maintain an agile response to any changes in cash flow patterns. 

The reporting process also incorporated a review mechanism to track the forecast’s accuracy over time. This ongoing evaluation allowed the team to refine and improve the model continually, enhancing its predictive capabilities. 

The Outcome 

With the 13-week cash flow forecast and regular reporting process in place, the client gained significant foresight into their cash requirements. They could anticipate potential shortfalls or surpluses and adjust their strategies accordingly. The improved cash flow management capabilities enhanced their operational flexibility, financial stability, and strategic decision-making. 

The client’s finance team also benefited from a streamlined and standardized reporting process, reducing the time spent on ad hoc reporting and analysis. This allowed them to focus on other crucial aspects of financial management, driving further efficiencies within the organization. 


This case study demonstrates DeMar Consulting Group’s ability to provide practical solutions to financial management challenges. By building a robust 13-week cash flow forecast and establishing a regular reporting process, we helped the client gain valuable insight into their cash requirements. Our strategic approach resulted in improved cash management, increased operational efficiency, and strengthened strategic decision-making for our client. 


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