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Case Study: Comprehensive Acquisition Evaluation to Enhance Informed Decision Making 

In the high-stakes arena of M&A, ensuring a comprehensive, accurate evaluation of a target acquisition is of paramount importance. A prospective acquirer reached out to DeMar Consulting Group with this requirement. They needed an in-depth review of a target company they were considering for acquisition. The client wanted to gain a holistic understanding of the target company’s operations, financial health, assets, and the proficiency of their staff. The challenge lay in delving into the various facets of the target company, recognizing potential risks or concerns that could influence the acquisition decision. 

DeMar Consulting Group’s Approach: A Multifaceted Evaluation Strategy 

DeMar Consulting Group recognized that the evaluation process required a nuanced, multifaceted approach, so our team initiated a detailed review of the target company’s operations. We assessed the practical value of the company’s equipment, considering its functional lifespan and book value. Understanding the worth of these tangible assets is crucial in determining the company’s operational potential and the value it would bring to the acquirer. 

The target company was a laboratory, and the skills and qualifications of its staff were vital to its value. DeMar Consulting Group meticulously assessed the staff’s expertise, reviewing their qualifications and experience, ensuring that they could meet the acquirer’s expectations. 

Examining the target company’s financial health required rigorous financial analysis. DeMar Consulting Group’s team scrutinized the balance sheet, paying particular attention to short-term liabilities like lines of credit, which could impact the company’s liquidity and financial stability. Also, intangible assets, such as building and equipment leases, were evaluated for their potential financial implications. 

We also turned our focus to the income statement, a critical component that provides insights into the company’s profitability. DeMar Consulting Group’s team investigated personal expenses that could be recorded as add-backs, ensuring an accurate reflection of the company’s financial performance. This detailed analysis was necessary to give our client a realistic understanding of the target company’s profitability, further aiding their decision-making process. 

Outcomes and Impact 

Through this extensive evaluation, DeMar Consulting Group could provide the client with a robust, well-rounded assessment of the target acquisition company. The analysis illuminated potential risks, operational strengths, the value of tangible and intangible assets, and the expertise of the staff. This in-depth understanding enabled the client to make an informed decision regarding the acquisition. 

Additionally, identifying personal expenses recorded as add-backs and other such nuances in the financials allowed for a precise estimation of the target company’s true profitability, impacting the acquisition price and strategy. 

The client could leverage this comprehensive evaluation to inform its decision-making process, ensuring that the acquisition aligned with their strategic and financial objectives. This case study demonstrates DeMar Consulting Group’s commitment to providing thorough, meticulous acquisition evaluations that enhance our clients’ strategic decision-making capabilities. 


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